WACOM Tablet support for Processing (V.67)

Date: October 28 , 2003
By:    Amit Pitaru

Tested on Processing Version 67

IMPORTANT CHANGES: With version 67 of Processing, The 'jwintab.dll' file must be present in the project's CODE folder, instead of the main Processing folder.

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This page contains code for enhancing Processing with Pressure and Tilt data from Wacom Tablet devices on PC. The original version of the dll was written by Jun Rekimoto. I have optimized the dll and created a new Java/Processing interface for it.



1) Unzip jwintab_v2 as a new project into your sketchbook/default directory.

2) Open Processing and load the jwintab_v2 project.

That's it! There are a few simple commands for Pressure and Tilt. They are all demonstrated in the project's code.


Known Bugs:

At times the tablet will not initialize properly. Simply restart the project (no need to restart Processing).


26.oct.03 | v.2.1 | Enabled tiltAngle and tilt as public variables.

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